How to easily choose a color scheme in 3 easy steps

1) Head to the fabric store first. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but trust me. It’s easier to narrow down a fabric that reflects your style, personality and vibe (yes vibe)! You can also start in the bedding or pillow isle at your favorite store. The point is to figure out what you gravitate to, and start there. I gravitate toward European floral art and Tiffany glass. Which leads me to…
2) Go with what you LOVE. I have had the same colorful European art pieces for many years, and in many houses, and it never gets old to me because I adore it. It is so colorful that I can choose a new color scheme in each new place, but I generally go with jewel tones and leopard prints. It is perfectly okay to keep the same style through thick and thin if it’s what you love. You have my permission.
3) Take your finds from above and bolt to the paint store. Depending on the size of the area you are revamping you can take up to (not more than) 3 colors from your fabric. My suggestion to my homeowners is to usually stay in the 2nd, 3rd , or 4th gradient on a paint swatch for the wall color depending on a few factors. Consider first and foremost the walls, any furniture that may need to be changed, accessories. Try to keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to choose boldly. Your home is all about you and your family feeling peaceful, and comfortable!

At Chateau Chic Finishes we do color consultations to help our homeowners with this process.  If you are moving into a new home, remodeling, or just want to change up your favorite room and are struggling with the decisions we can show you how to simplify the process and make it much less stressful.IMG_0691


My favorite kitchen!

I am often asked if I have a “favorite” kitchen.  My answer is absolutely YES! It wouldn’t surprise you if you know me.  My favorite kitchen is my grandparents kitchen. I remember when it went from orange maple to the painted peach! I thought is was the most beautiful color I had ever seen.  It is the kitchen in which I pray for my homeowners to aspire to.  The one kitchen that feels like home to every member of the family.  The kitchen that so many happy memories were shared.  The kitchen where the greatest man ever born ate dinner for 62 years. The kitchen where I watched my mom fix my grandma’s hair before everyone showed up.  The kitchen that made food taste like angels came down and sprinkled heaven into it.  The kitchen where you could have two kinds of butter on your toast, and coffee at any age.  The kitchen where ice cream sundaes are built to perfection. Do you catch my drift?  My grandparents kitchen is what I wish for everyone of my homeowners!

grandpa's kitchen